startup dino: lazy

I love answering the question “so what do you do?”

My only goal with this boring and unremarkable smalltalk is to make my answer remarkably interesting (even if what I’m actually doing is boring).

How am I currently doing this? By remarking how lazy I am.

  • I do not like work
  • I do not like hard work
  • I do not like wasting time doing anything except for what I want to do

I’m lazy, but I’m also smart. As it turns out, I’m smart enough to be lazy, and still get an extraordinary amount of work done (if I do say so).

I’m driven to laziness. I work incredibly hard to make my work incredibly easy, and I enjoy the look on peoples’ faces when I say┬áI “work” less than 5 hours a week.

9 times out of 10 they don’t understand, nor should they…but it does indulge me and interest them.


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